The Class 40 Preservation Society is a group of rail enthusiasts dedicated to preserving and operating working examples of English Electric Type 4 (British Rail Class 40) locomotives for the general public, and to promote their interest and history, being part of our nation's industrial and railway heritage. The CFPS is a non-profit making organisation with charitable status - registered charity number

In late 1979, with the growing recession and a downturn in freight traffic, a group of enthusiasts decided to try and preserve a Class 40, and the CFPS was formed. The inaugural CFPS meeting took place in February 1980. As plans for the second phase of withdrawals were rumoured, word spread quickly, and Class 40 followers throughout the UK came together, aiming to save at least one working example of these fine and well respected locomotives from the cutter's torch.

A total of seven Class 40's were saved from the scrap lines, of which the Society owns 40135 and 40145. The CFPS locomotives are proudly based at East Lancashire Railway in Bury, Lancashire, where they regularly haul passenger trains in one area of their old operating territory, the north west of England.

Our Magazine
The Whistler

The CFPS has approximately 500 members (May 2006), and is run on a purely voluntary basis by a Management Committee. The membership are kept up-to-date with regular magazines and newsletters, and here on the website.

All members are invited to have their say on how things are run, as the locos are owned by the combined membership. An annual general meeting is held, where the Management Committee are elected for the coming year, and Society business, financial accounts and activities are discussed.

Some of the CFPS Management Committee
at Crewe with D345, 30th November 2002
(G. Thornton)

About restoration, maintenance and funding
The CFPS is committed to restoring and maintaining our locomotives to the highest standards, aided by our computerised maintenance and repair documentation. Our professional attitude to maintenance and repairs helped towards the main line certification of D345 / 40145, enabling us to once again run Class 40-hauled trains where they are remembered best.

To maintain our commitment to the locomotives, the Society needs a steady flow of income. We have a regular sales stand at various railway events, selling items of leisurewear, books, videos and other railway memorabilia. The locomotives also generate revenue when used on ELR passenger and engineering duties. This, however, only pays for general maintenance of the locomotives. For more expensive spares, repairs, materials, re-manufacturing of unobtainable parts, and hiring of specialist services, we rely on regular, targeted donations from the CFPS membership.

About your help
You can help by
joining the Class 40 Preservation Society and sending occasional or regular donations to funds.