‘Don’t just take our word that ‘Whistler 100 is a must have item, here are a few comments we have received about it.

By Email:-
Just a little note to say well done with issue 100 of The Whistler. Nice presentation, good articles and fantastic photos. A very appropriate way to celebrate the 100th edition. Worth a place on all Class fans bookshelves. Keep up the good work! - Seton Spencer

My copy arrived on Friday morning and after reading it last night would like to say what an excellent publication Whistler 100 is and would like to pass on my thanks to all involved in putting this edition
together and to everybody who supplied material for inclusion. - Ian Moore

From the Preserved Diesels Forum:-
Excellent publication. A credit to all concerned. - Robert Purcell

Just got my 2 copies!. Looking forward to reading it. Looks as though a lot of effort has gone into producing it, well done to all concerned. - Dave Wood

I have to say it's the best quality loco group mag I've ever seen. Well done gents. - Martin Street

I have to say it's the best quality loco group mag I've ever seen. Well done gents. - Colin Davison

Top stuff! Well done Mr Chairman, Martin P and everyone else who helped put this beast of a publication together! - Matt Stoddon

Best preservation publication I've ever read, hats of to the chaps who made it possible. - Paul Parkin

And from the Dreadful Forum:-
What a fantastic publication, I will give it a thorough going over with a bottle of red wine tonight.

Yeah, just got mine. Nice one, spiffing publication!

Just got home and had a look at the latest Whistler and have to say that it a rather brilliant publication. Well done to those involved in it's production.

Another 'quality product'.

Absolutely fantastic job, Martin and committee. Thanks alot....

Excellent, a fitting way to mark the centenary. Well done to all involved

Possibly the best publication created just for its members? Fantastic effort that is much appreciated

Just back from a weekend away to find it on the door mat. Quality publication, quality photographs.
Thanks to all those who worked hard on it, great way to mark the 100 milestone.