D213 / 40013 ANDANIA

 40013 was withdrawn from traffic in January 1985 at the end of the main fleet service life.

Ironically, despite 40013 being a popular locomotive amongst Class 40 followers, she gained more public notoriety after withdrawal, being used as the London Midland Region exhibition loco, replacing 40063 (also withdrawn). From March 1985 until finally being stored at Crewe in February 1988, the loco visited such locations as Redditch, Shrewsbury, Blackburn, Southport, Leamington, Rugby, Aberystwyth and Wrexham. 40013 also also attended the Basingstoke Rail Days in September 1987. Rumours of her being returned to departmental service as 97409 never materialised.

40013 was purchased by private owner, Trevor Dean. The loco was originally based at the South Yorkshire Railway sidings, Meadowhall, Sheffield. During the 10 years at SYR there was little significant progress in restoring the loco to operational condition. A detailed examination by the CFPS on a visit in 1992 showed major components to be generally complete and in excellent condition. The loco continued its exhibition reputation for slight changes to livery, along with altered running number or name when displayed at SYR 'Open Days'.

After an uneventful time at SYR, 40013 moved to the Midland Railway Centre in September 1999. With the loco still owned by Trevor Dean, the Class 40 Appeal took on the task of returning her to operational condition at Butterley. The CFA already have their own Class 40, 40012 AUREOL, based at the MRC.

Various jobs were carried out on 40013 by the CFA, including:

  • no. 2 end marker disks replaced
  • section of no. 1 and cab floor replaced
  • no. 1 end secondman's seat and cab heaters refitted
  • inspecting and testing electrical cubicle and various motors and pumps
  • rebuilding work on the dismantled section of the power unit
  • main generator cleaning

  • 40013 progress and setback (November 2001)
    The engine and wiring/connection repairs had progressed well. The power unit had various seized components after standing for so long out of use. After a period of attention, the unit had been barred over successfully, then turned over using the start circuit for the first time on 23rd September 2001. On Sunday 4th November 2001 at around 19:00 hours, ANDANIA was started for the first time in preservation. After running for 10 to 15 minutes, a knocking noise was heard and the loco was shut down. Unfortunately significant damage had already been done - A3 connecting rod had broken free, damaging the crankshaft, A3 piston and A3 cylinder liner.
  • The connecting rod apparently broke through a crank case inspection plate, so the engine block casting was fortunately not damaged. The exact cause of the failure, and extent of damage to the most critical and expensive component (the crankshaft) were still unknown at that stage.

    The loco agreement between owner Trevor Dean and the CFA was terminated in 2002, and the loco left the Midland Railway Centre on Monday 13th January 2003 for a new home at Barrow Hill, arriving by road next day. Restoration work was to recommence only a short time later.

    40013 successful startup (June 2003)

    After completion of repairs to the engine and all the necessary inspections and testing, ANDANIA was successfully restarted at around 19.00hrs on Sunday 8th June 2003, 7 months after the disastrous restart at MRC.

    Hot on the heels of this news came further despatches: 40013 moved successfully under her own power for the first time in preservation on Sunday 15th June 2003.

    Many congratulations to Trevor Dean and the team at Barrow Hill for their achievements, and best wishes for the remaining restoration work.

    Operating status: undergoing restoration - yet to operate in preservation
    Steam heat status: steam heat generator not currently certified, awaiting restoration
    Livery: BR Corporate Blue with full yellow warning ends
    Running number: 40013