Main Line Story pt 1

D345 / 40145 gains mainline certification
Monday 28th October 2002 marked another historic day in Class 40 and railway preservation history with the first Class 40 hauled mainline train since 18th April 1988. Following the successful loaded test trains, D345 (89445 on TOPS) was certified by Resco Railways Ltd. as fit to run on the mainline.

A handful of rail staff and involved people were fortunate enough to travel on the loaded test runs, which were provided by Riviera Trains.

Although the Mainline Running project has only officially been in existence since the 2001 AGM, this was the culmination of CFPS preservation and restoration achievements dating back to the beginning of the Society.

Special thanks go to the CFPS and ELR Diesel Group volunteers who contributed so much towards preparing D345 for certification. Thank you also to everyone at Pathfinder Tours, Riviera Trains, EWS and Resco for making the test trains happen, and to all Railway staff who are taking a personal and professional interest in the CFPS mainline running project.

As part of the main line certification, D345 had to carry out two test runs to the satisfaction of Resco.

Light Engine test run - Friday 18th October 2002
A Light Engine test run was carried out successfully from Castleton Jn to Crewe, with 37197 DIT (Riley & Son (E) Ltd.) This was mainly to position the loco at Crewe for the 28th October loaded test runs.

Loaded test run - Monday 28th October 2002
This had been programmed to run from Crewe to Rugby, then north to Carnforth, and return to Crewe. Due to rail network problems caused by adverse weather conditions, the test runs were re-pathed at very short notice as two trips Crewe to Carnforth and return. This also enabled EWS to complete their driver training as planned.

A handful of rail staff and involved people were fortunate enough to travel on the loaded test runs. Thank you to Riviera Trains for allowing members of the CFPS Committee to travel on the day.